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We Aim to develop online as well as In Person communities & classes everywhere, in many different styles and also helping our World get back to Life, start earning again, help Artists organize in Person classes with whatever they need.

We help Learners, beginners, Art teachers, Artists, Models anywhere in the World no matter what it takes, Since 2003.

Life Drawing has cessed to be an old fashion Art form, it has been for at least 2000 years and is now part of our Lives in many layers of our Society. Life Drawing now helps thousands at work and after with events we design especially for team building, celebrations, HR people, personal Managers. This as become a remedy against stress and is even used as treatment for many ailments that Art therapist can explain in length.

Please be aware that 2 years ago it would have taken a good 5 years to develop your talent for thousands of £ss, now you can draw 24/7 (you wish!) everyday for £5/week and with help/guidance that took 18 years to perfect and develop...People who can only Draw stick men are also welcome.

As we are the international Network for Life Drawing we are here to bring everyone together around the drawing boards without unnecessary competition and problems. We just hate those two words and love Life, Drawing, People and obviously Drawing People.

If interested in Other forms of Body Arts feel free to join our new meetup group in Brighton.



More about our founder



and nothing but the truth

The Life Drawing Network, previously called the Life Drawing Society, is the Force that took Figure Drawing classes from near extinction in London, and possibly in England, to the birth of a brand new industry we know today in late 2003..

Tony grew up in Beautiful Paris near the Arc the Triomphe, but had a rather unusual upbringing. Let's now start our completely true bed time story about him...  

From the age of 6 he would make his pocket money from Drawing people and singing/Basking with his Brother Phil at school. Later he would rather sing at home, but go regularly to Montmartre to Draw the Tourists whenever the sun would shine after work or at weekends. Apparently you'd make x3 more drawings on a sunny day no matter the season. Drawing People was his medicine that helped him go though most challenging periods and kept his soul good, young and creative. 

In 2003 after spending 10 years, all day, everyday, on his own, building and rebuilding (grand design style) a 10 bedroom House, to which he added another 5, he decided to take on a hobby that would help him keep his sanity and where he could meet humans again. He did, first, with his Lovely Neighbours, then in Lovely Stoke Newington but ended in an abomination of a class in Hoxton/Shoreditch...

Many Life models were so sad and depressed, they would cry while posing or turn their back for 2 hours while moaning. Some would stop shaving their legs and even worse... Artists had to follow so many rules/restrictions on top of not getting inspired, that they just couldn't draw anymore. Classes were also closing down everywhere, due to funding cuts, due to post millennium Architectural expenses, and pre-Olympics sports priorities...

Tony decided to take as many class buddies, as possible, to the pub to discuss the problem for a few weeks, which was then a premiere/beginning to go to a pub after a class. One of them was Nils Edelman you might know of, and others who are still regular at classes around London Today. Tony, from then, came to the conclusion that something had to be done about it or Life Drawing would simply vanish, in the same way Film Photography nearly did. He used to Work at Jessops Photography where he did really well at finding practical solutions while looking at the end of the negative film and cameras but Luckily it didn't.

After changing the rules and making classes 2/3 cheaper of what they were at the time, people started coming down from everywhere to draw but they weren't enough models to draw. Non intentionally he gave it a go at offering X3 the normal wage at the time which was the National minimum wage of £3.20. Within days artists could draw all sorts of people, ages, physics and this was the bomb that changed everything in the UK but also other English and French speaking countries.

Tony was then free to come up with new ideas and he did without even checking on other classes, instead he would ask his students what they thought of those ideas by trying them out. This is how Gesture Life Drawing changed with Dancers, Burlesque Life Drawing helped bring students to places where nudity wasn't permitted and was so classy and fun, Groups of models, Drawing appreciation after the class, Drink at the pub, Life Drawing at the Office, Hen and stag Life drawing made fun as they weren't, outdoors sessions, Life Drawing on Tele with celebs, Radio interviews to tell our World how good for you this Art form is, Draw each other events at the Pub, the use of 100+ pubs to allow for more affordable classes, First Life Drawing experiences on Airbnb, First Life Drawing theater with Sketchy Theatre and later Sketchy Cinema, etc... even the word Drop in classes truly became drop in anytime, as it wasn't before... Some also asked for Erotic style Life drawing but that didn't go very far as some started turning it the wrong way against, so that they could then do it themselves as a capitalistic venture like many of his ideas. Tony doesn't mind as this simply cannot be avoided and being Buddhist he sincerely believe in trying to improve his World by improving his and other's lives.

So to keep it short Tony Loves what he does and as it it wasn't enough he is going to add more of other hobbies he has to his life such as Painting, singing, building houses, wine tasting, Art journalism, Comedy, Languages and body building if he finds the time...

You can find 100's of his drawings now on Flickr at https://flic.kr/s/aHsmVHh2bB with more and more local groups to join to try to make things happen again everywhere in London and globally... 


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