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After 10 years of doing our bit for this,now, industry, we simply had more classes in London alone than anywhere else in the World put all together in 2014.

This brought conflicts between those who were already there, those who created this big bang and now the New comers such as Life models who started their own.

One of those who were already there is a well Known Life model Agency who just began as a plain list of models but one of them saw the financial gain opportunity, took the job and decided 10 years ago to charge everyone for her services when modeling, teaching or whatever jobs became, for her, very difficult to find. From herself being a Life model running around from jobs to jobs she saw the easier way ahead. To make sure she would get there, for the last 15 years she used democratic principles and turned them in to crimes, to her advantage, without ever taking a risk  and by getting her models to do really really bad stuff for her in exchange for a few jobs. So it simply became a mafia.

One of our People, Tony Picano, as you know him on FB, who did it all by himself, including the Life Drawing big bang, had to suffer the consequences of changing everything. From 15 years  ago until now this woman has tried to get rid of him at all cost and any competition. She used very talented saboteurs and lawyers, writers, teachers, artists to quietly but surely make sure all the competition was demolished for good. To this day only one has survived dozens of attacks if not hundreds. We have a Page somewhere on this website that will inform you fully. Let's see what Democracy means...

Because he is trying to continue his crusade using ideas that would compete with her, she is again on his case and has been asking people she knows to do anything and everything to get rid of him and affect his reputation like it's never been done before in the history of the World.

People working for her are those who get paid less than anywhere else but do get a few jobs here and there so they can pay their bills or artists/Art teachers who just can't believe their luck to be able to find anyone they need for Free occasionally as model audition at their own cost (they also have to pay her for that). This is only the top of this Mafia Iceberg that hopefully with time will disappear, melt away as Tony has never done anything he has been slandered with, in fact he is the one who tried to educate and help in any way possible. The more he wouldn't go the more lies had to be created. The British Police and authorities are well aware but can't do much unless we gather all the information we can gather and add it to the relevant crime number(s) cases...

Not much to worry about, just another virus to get rid off. Tony will never go, hopefully, as he says, and will continue doing good for his World and our Industry. Fancy joining our own anti-body, anti virus forces to do to them what they did to innocent, hard working, good people for the last 20 years?

Anyway time to get back to the drawing board, smile again,  ignore the criminals, think about Art, community and ourselves but please ignore whatever you hear and report it to us immediately with the author's name and a few details... Intelligence is the key even if it takes years...

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