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In the simplest possible way there is!

By telling your friends about what we've achieved so they don't miss this opportunity to get creative with friends for less, as well as people you don't know by putting ads on CL and FB which is very easy. Please ask us first about what and how to do it.

Posting on Instagram is not recommended unless you are aware that there is a clan of silly Business Saboteurs, for the last 15 years, who have been trying anything possible & impossible, to stop us from achieving what we did, and employed by those who have exploited life models in London, from the very day we tripled their wages around 2005, which X100 their numbers in a matter of weeks. Luckily this has only happened in London UK. We talk about this here, which may sound a bit extreme, only because, we directly created this problem ourselves, while trying to save classes that were going extinct. We are now hoping to resolve this, making sure human exploitation of the sort, won't happen again anywhere. London Schools, Unis, artists should be elegantly made aware of this and so that they could ask us for happy independent models details instead. We are already helping some and hoping to help more with our Art maps for example...

Please do what you can to let the World know about our Networkas we have bigger ideas that require large amount of happy attendees.

If advertising cost you £$sss then let's swap our subscription for your advertising spend.

Let's continue Bringing Figure and Portrait Drawing, where no one has drawn before...

Tony (as seen on Tele, radio, press)

Founder and head tutor at LDN

eukart (at)

Text only on 07951613705

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