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LDN Mobile App

Since 2005 we started aiming towards the perfect solution for all Life Drawing amateurs in London UK, now we found a Solution that is perfect and Global.

How it works:

  1. Go to our "Prices" page and subscribe to our Mobile App for £10/month that entitles you to one session/week or £20 for 2 sessions, £30 unlimited.

  2. Go to our Contact page and fill the Contact form if you'd like us to invite you to particular events group, city groups, equipment groups.

  3. we'll send you an invite to the groups you want to be part of, that you'll need to join after downloading the app and registering. 

  4. From now on you will see all updated events, their zoom links with choices on how you'd like to get notified about them so you never miss a class. Your groups are private and only you know what groups you belong to. Messaging and asking for help and advice could not be easier or faster.

  5. We also ask In person class organizers or independant local life models to add their events near you.

  6. You only need now to let all Organizers and models know about it so you can find maximum information on your mobile app everyday and buy tickets there and then.

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